Shane Murray – CPT

SMurrayBeing around sports training and vision therapy for over 18 years, Shane has first-hand experience of the benefits that both have on athletic performance. This is what inspired his dream to run a fitness business that offers high quality total performance training. Shane previously attended Azusa Pacific University where he studied Exercise Science and played for their football team.

He worked as a personal trainer for 4 years before starting Sensory Speed in 2012, and has been teaching vision therapy to athletes and non-athletes since 2011. As an understudy to his father, Dr. Bradford Murray, Shane has helped hundreds of people improve their visual performance for sports, school and everyday life. He has taken Sensory Speed from Dr. Murray’s small office and expanded into California’s largest public baseball & softball facility. Shane’s most notable work is with San Jose State University’s Softball team. Since Sensory Speed started working with them they have had their best record in school history and have broken every offensive school record.

Vision therapy positively impacted Shane’s life in school and sports. He wants others to have the same opportunity he had by making vision training available to everyone that needs it.

NASM – Certified Personal Trainer, CHEK – Exercise Coach, Sensory Speed Certified – Lighthouse Optometric Vision Performance Center

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